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Below are the answers to our summer contest:


Non-Member Contest:

  • How many scenes has Derrick Collins done for GC?

14 Scenes: Derrick Collins Audition, Frenzy Persuasion, 3 of a Kind, Eccentric Blue, Frenzy Got You, Service & Devotion, Rouge 2, In Control, PayDay, POV Derrick Collins, InTouch, Rush More, RealTime Derrick, Good Boy

  • What year did GC launch?

Decemeber of 2011

  • How many blue tights/pantyhose fantasies has GC shown?

12 fantasies: Electric Blue, Eccentric Blue, TBD Subordination, Work Zone, 15mins to Showtime, POV Derrick Collins, Mon Amour, Oh, Rush More, Gio Audition, RealTime Niklas Roth, Hush

  • What is the title of the only scene in which Fernando's feet are worshipped (licked/sucked) by another performer?

RealTime Derrick Collins

  • Name 2 fantasies that include full body fishnets?

Docility, Frenzy Got You, Unreleased Combo



Premium Member Contest:

  • Name the title of a scene with stripped stockings?

 POV Derrick Collins

  • What was Fernando Reve's previous alias before and during the beginning of GC?


  • Nick Capra Calls Derrick Collins his what?


  • What state is Mr. Mancini from?

 New York

  • What size are Phillip's Feet?

 Size 12

  • How many parts are there to the series Rouge?

 3 Parts (Rouge Gabriel, Rouge Derrick Collins, Rouge Trenton Ducati)

  • How many parts to the The Engagement series?

 3 Parts (The Engagement Gerad, Service & Devotion, Power & Control)

  • Name all of the In Control movies.

 In Control Derrick Collins, Shadow Play, DeadLocked 

  • Name all the models that have starred in the Business Traveler series.

 Craig, Justin, Ryan, Billy Santoro & Hans Berlin

  • In what scene does Keith Banks wear stockings with garterbelt?

 Caught in The Act

  • In what scene did Gerard first get naked & jack off?

 The Boss Diaries Servitude 

  • What year did GC launch?

 December of 2011

  • What is the only scene in which Fernando has had full on sex (real intercourse)?

 Either An Ominous Crush, Levels Unreleased or Playtime With Billy 

  • Name at least 2 models who can touch their nose or mouth with their own foot?

 Brad Rose, Christos, Arius, Keith Banks

  • What are the titles of three fantasies that include dildo play?

 Roman, Interlude, The Other Side of Me

Thank you for participating & congratulations to all the winners!


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