About Us

Fernando Reve, a digital artist and photographer from Southern California, has long had an interest in executive men's wear, sheer socks, men's panty hose, and all things related to male foot erotica. From an early age when social networks were beginning to bloom, Fernando would often photograph himself in distinct and clever ways within thriving social communities such as Myspace and Flickr. His vision began to emerge as his distinct and original photo styles matured, but he kept searching for a community who shared interests like his own.

As photography emerged as his dominant interest, he began experimenting with himself both as an artist and a model wearing sheer socks or panty hose and other accessories.  Thanks to the Internet his love of sheers expanded as he discovered there was a community of people sharing the same interest all across the world. Whether gay or straight or somewhere in between, the community of men expressed their thoughts and interests in sheer socks and panty hose with each other. From those community interests, Fernando expanded and began photographing a variety of men in different scenes --men relaxing, men playing, and men loving--and all of them embracing their fetishes.

The informal project continued to grow until, early 2010, Fernando decided to go the extra step and create a website dedicated to those interests and fetishes that his expanding community shared together.  It began with an intense period of photographic sessions and videos of men not only having fun, alone and with others, but, for the first time for many, actually taking pictures of themselves exploring this fetish and revealing their identities.  The content, videos, and photographic sets all became part of Fernando's dream of creating a larger community.  Gentlemen's Closet was born. A place where open and discreet men could push their fantasies a step closer to reality by witnessing masculine men embracing their fetishes through Fernando's eye.

Gentlemen's Closet is a playground for men, their fetishes, and the fantasies we all have.  For Fernando, the community is a sense of belonging that he hopes will be part of the Gentlemen's Closet family of members. From those who have long held a fascination with a common fetish to those who only recently discovered their interests and to others yet to experience the fetish world and men, Fernando hopes all of you will find pleasure and joy in being part of the world of us.

We are a community. We are a family. Gentlemen's Closet is committed to bring you a unique approach to the fetish world as well as a distinct style & design that will continue to grow with your support.